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About Us

About Us

About our business Firm


What is the Picky?

Picky is the super first growing up e-commerce business platform based in Bangladesh. Picky was founded in the year 2021 to provide the easiest, safest and fastest online shopping experience through accurate payments and the best service. The vision of Picky is to ensure easy and enjoyable shopping and truly care customer satisfaction.

Discover Picky

Picky team, we believe in the transformative power of technology and  change the world to stublish a very good connection between buyer and seller.


All internet users across the country. Picky offers a one-stop online shopping experience which provides a wide range of products, a social community for exploration and seamless fulfilment services.


We want to define us and represent us in different ways like how we talk, behave or react to any given or unwanted situation. In essence, we’re simple, happy and together. These all key attributes are undoubtedly part and parcel at every steps to the Journey with Picky. We are simple and more than that: Through our simplicity, integrity, honesty and with the quality services we are determined to build a heavenly society.

Our Services

Picky is the newest Smart and secure social mobile shop. Which provides a various categories of products at its the best prices with door step delivery throughout the Bangladesh.

Picky is an exclusive online e-commerce store that offers a vast array of products, including:
• Apparel.
• Accessories.
• Groceries.
• Vegetables.
• Food.
• Cosmetics
• Electronics.
• Health.
• Jewelry.
• Home & Gadgets etc.

In fact for well decoration of life, make easier, luxurious and peaceful life including daily necessities what are the items needed in our life Picky and it’s team is committed to do so.

With the help of following programs Picky provides exclusive service to the customers naming SBP(Services By Picky):
* Chatting services with customers.
* Products Storage
* Products Packaging and delivery
* Products and stores and orders.
* Products returns(where necessary only).

Values of US

-Fully customer service and expectation oriented.
-Customers are always right and we care them with full respect.


We adapt all new changes and new innovative inventions. We anticipate all changes and plan ahead accordingly


All members of Picky are Self-driven to deliver the goods without anyone pushing.
preserves a sense of urgency and importance to do the things.


We are committed to ensure better service and gain customer satisfaction and faith.
Take initiative, act like an owner; proactively find ways to make our organisation better.
We believe work hard first, celebrate and enjoy later.
But must everyone responsibility to take care own self.

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